Only Harmony Springs Landscape LLC
 Has The Answer for your Garden Design
What We Do
  1. Lawn  Maintenance
    Lawn Maintenance
    Harmony Springs Landscape specializes in Lawn Maintenance applying quality nutrients and safe techniques all seasons.
  2. Stone Work
    Stone Work
    Harmony Springs Landscape incorporates sustainable concepts to improve the beauty of your garden.
  3. Water Management Control
    Water Management Control
    Harmony Springs Landscape masters the idea of water smart strategies, and main line protection improving coverage and efficiency. Familiar with (Rainbird including maxicom, irritrol including rainmaster, weathermatic, calsense, hunter, etc.).
About Us
Harmony Springs Landscape LLC, is a family business founded by four dynamic people: Claudia Rebolledo,  Jose Valdovinos, Jennifer DeBoever and Jorge Rebolledo (former  Horticulture Lead at MGM Resorts International).

  • Experience on residencial and commercial properties 
  • More than 15 years of Horticulture experience 
  • Irrigation and Landscaping Specialists
  • Tree care 
  • Stone work
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Water conservation

Harmony Springs Landscape LLC ensures a safe environment for customers, employees, and associates.

Latest Projects
  1. 3D Design
    Project pending
    3D Design
  2. Pavers and Synthetic placement
    2 day project
    Pavers and Synthetic placement
  3. Synthetic Turf Placement
    Front yard
    Synthetic Turf Placement
  4. 1000 sq feet sod install
    2 day project
    1000 sq feet sod install
  5. 100 sq feet before project
    Decorative rock
    100 sq feet before project
  6. 1000 sq feet After
    Decorative rock removal Sod install
    1000 sq feet After
  7. Low maintenance
    Synthetic turf placement and low maintenance plant material
    Low maintenance
  8. Low Maintenance
    Synthetic Turf placement, Red Decompose Granite
    Low Maintenance